Our New CD: ‘Rusty Zinc Coated Bluegrass Music’

Our new CD!  “Rusty Zinc-Coated Bluegrass Music” features 14 toe-tapping, smile-generating tunes, including five originals.

Only $15.00, plus $3.00 shipping to anywhere in the good ol’ U.S. of A.!  You can send us a check to Steel Pennies World Headquarters, c/o Kathy Foster-Patton, 358 Carmen St., Louisville, CO 80027.  We’d love to fulfill your order!

You can also order our CD online from CD Baby.  Click the link here to go to the order page.

Rusty Zinc-Coated Bluegrass Music


Here’s an excerpt from David Okay Patton’s blog post describing the CD:

Rusty Zinc-Coated Bluegrass Music is the title of our debut CD, and it features 14 toe-tapping tunes, including five originals.  A big THANK YOU to Tater’s family (Don MacLean and Michael Drazsnzak),  and our great friend Tom Stuart for allowing us to use their photos in the CD case design (and an equally big THANK YOU to the Perfessor Kevin Slick for his exceptional case design). On the inside, it is pure Steel Pennies bluegrass!  Songs are:

  1. Ready? Okay, Wait! –  A short original tune featuring a very short recitation, created on the spur of the moment by the Steel Pennies.
  2. Don’t Neglect the Rose – A beautiful song by Emma Smith, sung beautifully by Kathy (Tater) Drazsnzak, with four-part harmonies on the chorus.
  3. Girl Behind the Bar – Also called The Wayside Tavern, by Carter Stanley; this is as traditional as bluegrass gets: the tavern girl gets killed by her jilted lover; the innocent man goes to prison.  We perform it as a duet sung by David Okay Patton and Kathy Drazsnzak.
  4. He Died a Rounder at 21 – A great bluesy  song by Jimmie Skinner that the Ol’ Wheel Hoss (Darrell Cox) moans to perfection.  We let Kevin Slick channel his inner Duane Allman on this one.  It’s as cool as the other side of the pillow.
  5. Old Dangerfield – A driving Bill Monroe tune, that the Ol’ Wheel Hoss just rips up – if this one don’t light your fire, then your wood is all wet!
  6. Pennsylvania Dream –  by Kevin Slick.  Who said that “home”  in bluegrass songs has to be in the South?  Kevin waxes for his mountain home in Pennsylvania, with plenty of harmony support from Kathy Drazsnzak, Darrell Cox, and David Okay Patton.
  7. I Shot Your Dog – a classic “trailergrass” song by Fred Eaglesmith.  Tater brings the perfect combination of Patsy Cline and Courtney Love to this (not exactly) gritty vignette about what it’s really like living in the country.
  8. Colorado Coal Train – by David Okay Patton.  Rumor has it that David was trying to beat the train at a crossing when the inspiration for this song struck.
  9. Last Train from Poor Valley – a beautiful slow song written by Norman Blake.  You can hear the tears in Kevin’s voice on this one.
  10. Banjo Signal – a bouncy instrumental written by Don Reno and Red Smiley.  We’re in and out of it in two minutes flat.
  11. Time on My Hands – by David Okay Patton.  A righteous, angry woman bluegrass song, sung with conviction by Kathy Drazsnzak.  Don’t mess with this woman!
  12. One New Road – Another great original by Kevin Slick.  You’ll be singing along on the chorus by the second verse!
  13. True Life Blues – a classic Bill Monroe song, warning women to think twice before saying “I do.”  Kathy Drazsnzak sings this with the authenticity that only a married woman can bring to the song!
  14. Texas Eagle – Steve Earle’s great train song–this one moves like a locomotive with Darrell Cox stoking the firebox.  We had to put this one last, ’cause there’s nothing can follow it!