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Happy New Year! (Blog post by Kathy Drazsnzak aka Tater).

Well hello there, 2015!  Nice to see you.  I think you and I are going to be friends.

Steel Pennies has a really busy January planned out, and I couldn’t be more excited.

First, I’d like to welcome our newest member, fiddle player Annie Savage.  Annie has performed with Ricky Skaggs, Jeff Scroggins and Colorado, Aretha Franklin, and more!  She’s also a fiddle teacher – learn more about Annie at her website,

Your first chance to see us with our new lineup is at an open mic and fundraiser for the Longmont ArtWalk on Monday, January 5th.  It’s also my friend Jessica Eppler’s birthday party.  Who doesn’t love a party?  This one’s at the Tasty Weasel in Longmont.  The open mic runs from 6-8 pm.  Come thirsty and hungry because Bodacious Eats, a Longmont-based food truck, will be parked right outside the door.

Next up is a gig I am really looking forward to:  The Mid-Mountain Lodge at A-Basin, on Saturday, January 10th.  I’ll keep you posted on exactly where we’re going to play, because we’re still not sure.  I was told Mid-Mountain, which is where we played at a wedding last summer.  What a gig that was!  But it was summer and we drove up an access road to get to the Mid-Mountain Lodge.  What will we do now?  Oh, the adventure that this one might be…  (I just keep picturing Kathy’s bass on a lift, and it’s not a pretty sight.)  Dave says we’re really playing at the Base, so like I said, stay tuned for more details.

After that we get a little more local with a show at the White Fence Farm in Lakewood, on Saturday, January 17th.  Come out and see us!  Stay for the fried chicken, it’s pretty damn good.

Our last show (so far) of January is also a pretty big deal:  we’re in the band contest for Ullr Grass! This first-annual fest celebrating the Norse god of snow has a fantastic lineup:  Peter Rowan, Ragged Union, Caribou Mountain Collective, and more.  The contest is on Thursday, January 22nd, and if we win we’ll get to play on a main stage during the festival, January 29 – Feb 1st.

I sure hope to see you at a show soon.

Be well!



[August 13, 2014]:  Our 2014 Season–We Had So Much Fun! (Blog post by Kathy Drazsnzak aka Tater).

Jeez, how time flies. Mid-Winter seems like yesterday! Wait a minute, what happened to summer? Kevin said school starts next week. Next week?!?  Maybe it’s because our calendar filled up nicely this year and as a band we’ve been pretty busy. Let’s go over the highlights, shall we?

Keystone Winter Bluegrass Festival: This was a 2-day festival at Keystone Resort. We played on Friday night along with the Blue Canyon Boys. It snowed all day, and maybe this was a problem for everyone else trying to get to the mountain…but I had taken the day off work and drove up early. My reward? I got to snowboard in fresh powder all day! Ha! This was a great little festival and we played for an enthusiastic crowd. On a side note, this was the night of my first ever “dress malfunction.” At least it happened before the set! I just wish I could have taken a picture of Boss Lady’s face when she walked into the green room to see me and Kathleen hunched over my dress, with me in my slip!

Black Canyon Distillery Open House: What more fun than to play for our sponsor’s big opening party? A great crowd – even before they got all happy doing blind taste tests. Best of luck to Black Canyon Distillery!

Anne & Pete Sibley at the Broomfield Audi: Hard to say if this show was more nerve-wracking then our last show at the Audi. That one, when we opened for High Plains Tradition, was our first show ever! Now we’re a lot more comfortable together. But opening for the fantastic Anne & Pete Sibley? Yeah, no pressure there. But we had so much fun! Anne & Pete even came out and joined us for a couple songs. Believe me, they are the masters of harmony. It was an honor to share the stage with them.

Bluegrass at the Fair, Pueblo: Another fun time down at Pee-abe-lo. I brought the pickup this time – I even sewed curtains for the sleeping system in the back! And this year the rodeo grounds had 2-man cattle roping. I could watch all day…but then when would I pick?

Holly Bluegrass Festival: As in, Holy Hell, Batman, it’s hot in Holly! But this was such a great festival. Free! With a great crowd. Lots of great bands played this festival, including Jeff Scroggins and Colorado. Plus we had a nice motel room right across the street, so we could escape from the heat. And watch World Cup. The drive home was definitely an adventure, full of dust storms and flying tumbleweeds and very dark skies.

Prospect Eats: Well, this is my backyard so I was pretty happy to get to play here. Longmont’s biggest food truck party happens every Monday during the summer and the crowds are huge. I’ve seen other great bands play here too, like The Prairie Scholars and Sharon Glassman. We even had a sound guy! Thank you, Prospect Eats! Two things stand out about this show: 1) My husband, Michael, got to play with us. A rare treat! 2) It rained and people didn’t leave. I love Coloradans because they are always prepared for the weather.   So when it rained – and I mean “better build an ark” rain for a good 20 minutes – people hung out under awnings or the giant trees around Prospect Park. But when the sun came back out, so did the crowd. Way to be awesome, Longmonters!

Wedding at A-Basin: A-Basin is even prettier in the summertime. We got to drive up the service road! I think the whole “you need 4–wheel-drive” thing was a little questionable, but then, I have a 4-wheel-drive with tons of clearance. That drive was cake for my Tacoma, AKA Taco Negro. Someday I’m going to get Michael to take me out for some REAL off-roading with that truck. But I digress. The wedding: all the guests and the bridal party came up on the lift, which was awesome. I was curious how they were all going to get back down, since it gets all dark and cold up there after about 9pm. But we were hired to play during the ceremony and cocktail hour only. Guess I’ll never know. They were all lively guests, though. Danced to “Let it Rock” and sang along to “Wagon Wheel.” If weddings were all like this one, I’d want to play more weddings!

YMCA of the Rockies: We did this one last year, too. It’s a nice time. They feed us! This year we even got rooms and a sound guy. Well, we had a sound guy last year too, but this one was fabulous! He’d worked with acoustic instruments before. He let our great sound really shine and as a result we had a big crowd that stuck around for both sets! Nice folks, too. Lots of out-of-towners. That means that during our set break, all the Pennsylvanians came up to Kevin to talk about their home state. And all the Chicagoans came to me, asking what part of Chicago I grew up in. And so on. It was a good thing we had rooms though, because the next day we got on the Peak To Peak Highway and drove it all the way to Golden.

Mountain Melodies Music Festival: Right at the top of Lookout Mountain. What a fun little festival! Beautiful location. Another nice crowd – and even some familiar faces! Nice to see the folks with The Hummin’birds – especially my neighbor Paul Kiteck – and they sounded great.

Well, that brings us up to date – and our last big show of the summer, The Bittersweet Café in downtown Louisville on Saturday August 16th. We’ve been playing here about once a month, and our crowds just keep getting bigger. This one should be a blast – I’ll be related in some way to a good number of them. My parents are coming in for a visit and to see the show, yay! And my mom is the oldest of SEVEN children. I’ve got lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins. You’ll be able to tell who’s related to me, by the way. We’re all about the same height. Hope to see you at the show!



[February 27, 2014]:  Ahh, Mid-Winter! (Blog post by Kathy Drazsnzak aka Tater).

Ahh, Mid-Winter.  You came along at just the right time.  This past weekend the Steel Pennies were honored to participate at the 28th annual Mid-Winter Bluegrass Festival at the Ramada Plaza in Northglenn, CO.

This was the second time I’ve been to the festival, and the first time I’ve participated.  Also the first year I got a room – pretty much the best idea of the weekend.  I live in Longmont, so my drive isn’t all that far, but still.  At 2am it’s a lot easier to walk up the stairs (or, you know, wait for that super-slow elevator) and go to my room than it is to get bundled up, walk out to the car, drive home, unload the car, and – finally – go to bed.  Yep.  Besides, there were some pretty awesome jams happening outside my door all weekend.  There’s nothing better than falling asleep to great bluegrass.

The Steel Pennies’ first set was Saturday afternoon, on the Acoustic Stage.  And this room was actually my favorite.  Don’t get me wrong – I loved our time on the Main Stage on Sunday.  But the Acoustic Stage is a small and intimate setting.  Literally, the acoustic stage: no microphones or anything.  It reminded me of the Lyons Jam.  And the Lyons Jam is where I fell in love with playing bluegrass music.

Anyway.  Our set on the Acoustic Stage was fantastic.  We were on fire for a great crowd.  We made it through our entire set list with time to spare.  My favorite song though, was a little tune called “Ain’t No Ash Will Burn.”  The lyrics are attributed to Walt Aldridge and despite the West Virginia references, the opening lines are what get me:  I have seen snow that fell in May / I have seen rain on cloudless days.  Sure sounds like Colorado to me.  This song has been recorded by many different artists, but my favorite version is by a band called Ranch Romance.  I like to sing it like Ranch Romance, nice and slow – which, you may know, is pretty rare for me.  I usually like my songs fast and angry.  Dave coined the phrase “angry righteous woman song” just for me.  But this is a sweet and sad song.  Kevin kicks it, and we all have struggled with the tempo.  And I have struggled with my temper.  The band still reminds me that I once threatened to kill Kevin if he ever kicked it too fast again.  We were in a church at the time.  Yeah.  But proving that he is a much more seasoned guitar player than I am, he kicked it at the perfect speed.  It felt great.  And with no microphone stand in my way, I could really belt it out.  I love that song.

The rest of Saturday was full of listening to music on the Main Stage (so happy to see Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, Kody Norris, the Steeldrivers, and local heroes Jeff Scroggins and Colorado!) and jamming in the atrium.  Kathy barely put her bass down all day.  She must have the toughest fingers.  I made it until about 1:30 before stumbling up to bed.

Sunday was our turn on the Main Stage.  It made me happy to see a nice crowd waiting to hear us.  Time on the Main Stage is more tightly controlled, so we didn’t get through our entire set, but that was okay.  Darrel sang a beautiful gospel song, “Who Will Sing For Me.”  The boys harmonize so well on it – it’s a great addition to our set list.  And we ended with that old bluegrass standard “One After 909.”  That one is such a blast.  We first learned it for a wedding we played last summer (the bride and groom were big Beatles fans) and it’s just worked its way into our repertoire.

I was sad to see the end of my weekend there at the Ramada.  Our next festival starts Friday, March 7th – the Keystone Winter Bluegrass Festival.  We’re playing with the Blue Canyon Boys, and it’s going to be a great time.  The Pine Beatles and The Haunted Windchimes play on Saturday night.

We’re also gearing up for our BIG show – opening for Anne & Pete Sibley at the Broomfield Audi on Sunday, April 27.  Get your tickets now!


[December 20, 2013]:  End of the Year Musings (Blog post by Kevin Slick aka The Professor).

Old Monroe was dead. This must be distinctly understood or else nothing wonderful can come from the story I’m about to relate. No, wait, wrong Christmas story. Let’s see… okay, And it came to pass in those days that there went out a decree from Earl Scruggs that all the world should play banjo. No, that’s not it either.

As I sit here in Louisville, Colorado with the snow coming down on a cold December day, I realize that 12 months ago I was just a band-less musician.  I started doing my time in Steel Pennies in January of this quickly fading year; in fact looking at my calendar, January 3rd is the first practice date I have penciled in.  It’s been a wonderful year getting into the groove of playing in a band,
receiving my official nickname (Professor) and playing at some amazing festivals around the area.  Looking ahead we’ve been working up a lot of new songs which hopefully will find their way onto a new recording in 2014. We’ve lined up several dates for our local friends on the Front Range at The Bittersweet Cafe in Louisville.  Mid-Winter is coming up and we’ll be playing several sets
including Bluegrass Karaoke, which means we have to learn some Lady Gaga I guess, or maybe just “Feelings” by Morris Albert.

If you’re reading this over the holidays then I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Delightful Solstice, Happy Kwanza and anything else you might like to celebrate.

[September 3, 2013]: Good Times at the Santa Fe Bluegrass and Old Time Festival! (Blog post by Kathy Drazsnzak aka Tater.)

Welcome to my first blog post – ever! I’ve been part of Steel Pennies for just short of a year now, and so far it’s been an amazingly positive experience. Our latest band adventure? The Santa Fe Bluegrass and Old-Time Festival.

As a band we all agreed to be part of this festival. We had to agree because we appeared as a Showcase Band – which means no pay. And a lot of driving. But we all agreed that this would be a nice foot in the door with the Southwest Pickers and a possible invitation back for next year. And, honestly, it sounded like fun. It’s not like any of us are in this for the money.

It’s been years since I’ve been to Santa Fe. But New Mexico is just as beautiful as I remember it – when I finally got to see it! I drove down with Kevin on Friday afternoon. It’s always good to let the calm person handle Denver rush-hour traffic (that would be Kevin, by the way). I took over at Colorado Springs. It was full dark by the time we passed Trinidad and so we arrived pretty late to Las Vegas, New Mexico. Why Las Vegas? So we could stay at the sprawling compound of George “Geo” Scholz–home of the Road Runner String Jam! Check it out: This one looks like so much fun, I might just have to go next year!

Dave and Kathy met George earlier in the month at Pickin’ In the Pines, and he generously offered us all a place to stay Friday night. It’s a beautiful property, although I didn’t really get to see it until Saturday morning. Everyone was up early on Saturday for the drive to the Rodeo de Santa Fe. Even from the Interstate, New Mexico sure is nice.

We were the first showcase band at the Santa Fe Bluegrass and Old Time Music Festival–at the unenviable time of 9:30 in the morning.  And as we started up with our shortened version of ‘Shenandoah Valley Breakdown,’ I have to admit that the stands were almost empty.  But by the end, we had drawn folks in–a nice crowd that included Anne and Pete Sibley and George Sholz himself.  The folks that came in and sat down in the bleachers–they all stayed until the end of ‘Texas Eagle.’  We had a lot of fun and people really seemed to enjoy our set.  Kathy said all the vendors loved it, too!

After we finished playing, it was time for the instrument competitions. I had agreed to accompany Dave already with the banjo contest. Darrel got Ross Scroggins to accompany him (the mando comp didn’t begin until 3:30). Kevin finally succumbed to peer pressure and entered the guitar contest, too. Not that he needed an accompanist, but I did back him for one song.

The guitar competition was supposed to take place right after the banjo comp. But there was a delay… something called the “duo competition” was taking too long on a different stage. So they were taking over the instrument competition stage for a while. Whatever, it meant I had time to go find a meal. I was starving! Ask anyone in the band, they’ll tell you the same thing: I’m always hungry. And I get cranky when I get hungry. I call it hangry. Anyway, I finally had a break so I ran outside and got myself a Navajo Taco. Oh, man. A giant piece of deep-fried flatbread covered with ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, and green chile. It really hit the spot.

The results? Drum roll, please: Dave: 2nd place. Darrell: 2nd place. Kevin: 1st place! Way to go Steel Pennies!!!

It was kind of tough to leave when we’d barely just arrived, but both Kevin and I had obligations back in Colorado. We headed back around 2:30 on Saturday. Missed any traffic jams – in fact, the Broncos game was still going when we passed through Denver.

So it was a lot of driving but I think we all had a good time. And it was worth it – the feedback we received from the festival organizers was completely positive. We’re really excited at the prospect of going back next year!

[July 7, 2013]  CD’s and Rapid Grass!  (Blog post by David Okay Patton)

We received an alarmingly large shipment of shrink-wrapped CDs on July 3rd, and had a very exclusive CD release party – just the band, our road manager Critter, and Kevin’s father.  After some tasty champagne (Mountain Dew for Critter), we got back to business with a practice session for our set at the Rapid Grass Bluegrass Festival.

 Rapid Grass on July 5th and 6th was a blast!  Now in its fourth year, this festival just keeps getting bigger and better. The festival expanded to two days and 17 bands in 2013, with free camping!  It you missed Rapid Grass this year, you don’t want to make that same mistake again!

Now we’re getting ready for our absolute favorite summer bluegrass festival, High Mountain Hay Fever.  Located in Westcliffe, Colorado, with the stunning Sangre De Cristo mountains as the backdrop, this four day festival (July 11-14) is a bluegrass homecoming where we see so many of our friends.  Steel Pennies are performing on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, as well as hosting a workshop on Saturday. Ya’ll come!

And, for our Northern Colorado pals, Steel Pennies are performing at the Summerfest concert series at YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park on Saturday, July 20th. This FREE show starts at 7:30pm.  Come on out!


[July 4, 2013OFFICIAL CD RELEASE! (Blog post by David Okay Patton)


Rusty Zinc-Coated Bluegrass Music is the title of our debut CD, and it features 14 toe-tapping tunes, including five originals.  A big THANK YOU to Tater’s family (Don MacLean and Michael Drazsnzak),  and our great friend Tom Stuart for allowing us to use their photos in the CD case design (and an equally big THANK YOU to the Perfessor Kevin Slick for his exceptional case design). On this inside, it is pure Steel Pennies bluegrass!  Songs are:

  1. Ready? Okay, Wait! –  A short original tune featuring a very short recitation, created on the spur of the moment by the Steel Pennies.
  2. Don’t Neglect the Rose – A beautiful song by Emma Smith, sung beautifully by Kathy (Tater) Drazsnzak, with four-part harmonies on the chorus.
  3. Girl Behind the Bar – Also called The Wayside Tavern, by Carter Stanley; this is as traditional as bluegrass gets: the tavern girl gets killed by her jilted lover; the innocent man goes to prison.  We perform it as a duet sung by David Okay Patton and Kathy Drazsnzak.
  4. He Died a Rounder at 21 – A great bluesy  song by Jimmie Skinner that the Ol’ Wheel Hoss (Darrell Cox) moans to perfection.  We let Kevin Slick channel his inner Duane Allman on this one.  It’s as cool as the other side of the pillow.
  5. Old Dangerfield – A driving Bill Monroe tune, that the Ol’ Wheel Hoss Darrell Cox just rips up – if this one don’t light your fire, then your wood is all wet!
  6. Pennsylvania Dream –  by Kevin Slick.  Who said that “home”  in bluegrass songs has to be in the South?  Kevin waxes for his mountain home in Pennsylvania, with plenty of harmony support from Kathy Drazsnzak, Darrell Cox, and David Okay Patton.
  7. I Shot Your Dog – a classic “trailergrass” song by Fred Eaglesmith.  Tater brings the perfect combination of Patsy Cline and Courtney Love to this (not exactly) gritty vignette about what it’s really like living in the country.
  8. Colorado Coal Train – by David Okay Patton.  Rumor has it that David was trying to beat the train at a crossing when the inspiration for this song struck.
  9. Last Train from Poor Valley – a beautiful slow song written by Norman Blake.  You can hear the tears in Kevin’s voice on this one.
  10. Banjo Signal – a bouncy instrumental written by Don Reno and Red Smiley.  We’re in and out of it in two minutes flat.
  11. Time on My Hands – by David Okay Patton.  A righteous, angry woman bluegrass song, song with conviction by Kathy Drazsnzak.  Don’t mess with this woman!
  12. One New Road – Another great original by Kevin Slick.  You’ll be singing along on the chorus by the second verse!
  13. True Life Blues – a classic Bill Monroe song, warning women to think twice before saying “I do.”  Kathy Drazsnzak sings this with the authenticity that only a married woman can bring to the song!
  14. Texas Eagle – Steve Earle’s great train song,  this one moves like a locomotive with Darrell Cox stoking the firebox.  We had to put this one last, ’cause there’s nothing can follow it!

[July 1, 2013]The Month of June! (Blog post by David Okay Patton)

Wow… June just kind of evaporated… but sometime in there we performed three sets at Bluegrass at the Fair in Pueblo, guest-starred in the Colorado Repatory Singers production “America Sings.” played a private party or two,  had a great time busking in downtown Louisville… oh yeah, and we finished our debut CD!

[May 1, 2013] Cold and snowy at Steel Pennies World Headquarters – must be Springtime in the Rockies!  A wintery May night is always a great time for changing strings.   If you’re don’t play a  stringed instrument, you might not realize that strings can have sharp ends.  Luckily, I managed to avoid poking a hole in one of my fingers this evening when I changed wires on the 5-string. Sure glad I don’t have eight strings to change out like the Old Wheel Hoss has on that mandolin!

We’re getting ready for another TV adventure, this time on Denver Open Media.  Two TV appearances in less than a month! (I’m waiting for Johnny Carson to call about having us on the Late Show.)  I don’t usually promote TV watching, but this is an exception.  Hope you’ll join us this Friday, May 3rd, at 7PM Mountain time – either in the live studio audience (sorry, no dead guys allowed) at 700 Kalamath St. in Denver, on your TV set (Denver Comcast Channel 57), or on line at: We’re playing two 4o-minute sets, so you’re quaranteed to get your minimum daily allotment of twang!

David Okay Patton

[April 29, 2013]  Wow, the past month has flown by!  THANK YOU  to everyone who joined us for a hard-driving, high-lonesome evening of music with the fabulous High Plains Tradition boys at the March 30th  Bluegrass at the Audi concert.  I’m pretty sure we had the largest turn out of any CBMS concert at the Audi!   We didn’t’ have much time to celebrate our first show with the new lineup, however:  the following day (Easter Sunday) we played three sets at the White Fence Farm in Lakewood  (we’ll be back there in May), then started working hard on our first-ever long-play album (these days known as a CD).

Working with Kevin Yost at Penny in the Water studio has been a delight. Kevin is patient, relaxed, and has a great set of ears (the most important equipment any recording engineer owns).   Kevin is somewhat old-fashioned: no web site or Facebook page, so if you’re in the Denver metro area and looking for a top-notch, affordable recording studio, get in touch with any of the Pennies and we’ll be happy to hook you up with Kevin.

Keeping with the rhythm we established while recording our demo in March, most of the instrumental tracks were recorded with us sitting in a circle and playing into the microphones – capturing the groove of a live show.  We are still recording vocals tracks and some instrument overdubs; finding time to get into the studio has been our biggest challenge!  We are working hard to have the CD ready for the Bluegrass at the Fair festival the first weekend of June.

On April 14th, we headed to Longmont for a fun evening at Free Range Pictures with our great friend Travis Bush. The one-hour show was broadcast live on Internet TV, and you can watch it anytime on Free Range Picture’s YouTube channel: Free Range Sessions with the Steel Pennies.

On April 19th we pointed our mechanical steeds southwest for the long, scenic drive to the Durango Bluegrass Meltdown. We blew into the town of Durango Friday evening, checked out the wonderful green room at the historic Strater Hotel, then went on to the Steamworks Brewing Company for some great beers and even better music from Jeff Scroggins and Colorado. The place was packed, with an hour-long waiting list, so we were extremely grateful when K.C. and Annie invited us to sit at the “band table.”  Wow! No waiting and front-row seats for the hottest bluegrass band in Colorado!

Alas, it was more fun than Tater could handle:  food poisoning or  a nasty bug – we’ll never know for sure, but whatever it was kept her in bed most of Saturday.  Panic!  Saturday morning was a blur –  feverish re-write of the set lists, figuring out new harmony parts, and all too soon it was time for our noon set.  We survived!  By our second set we were in the groove, and put on a solid show.  We got a standing ovation! If Tater had been there, I think they would have rushed the stage.   Saturday night was the All Star Jam and lots of late-night picking.

Sunday we were back to a five-piece band, and boy, was it nice to have Kathy D. on stage with us!  We stretched out a bit, and performed “Jacob Potter” – an original song  penned by Darrell, which we had only practiced a couple of times. It went over great!   After our 1PM set, it was time for the long drive back to home and work and responsibilities – and, alas, no green room filled with friends, good food and drinks. Man, life needs more green rooms – especially the kind like the thoughtful folks hosting the Meltdown provide!

Now we’re getting ready for Denver Open Media First Friday. Two sets broadcast live on Denver Public Access TV, and simultaneously streaming video on the Denver Open Media website. It’s going to be a great show!

David Okay Patton


[March 28, 2013]  Folks been asking for the now-legendary “Get In Touch With Your Inner Hillbilly” T-shirts for years. And so, we brought ’em back!  These fine shirts, produced with genuine materials, make fabulous gifts for Easter, Father’s Day, graduation, birthdays… you name it!  Give the gift that says as much about giver as it does the recipient – genuine Steel Pennies “Get In Touch With Your Inner Hillbilly” logo wear!  We’ll debut the new shirts at the Bluegrass at the Audi show this Saturday (4/30).

The Steel Pennies 2013 World Tour revs up this weekend with the aforementioned Audi show on the aforementioned this Saturday evening, then on to Lakewood to play at the White Fence Farm on Easter Sunday (hope the Boss Lady don’t eat all the Peeps!), then we’re back in Penny in the Water studio to start recording a long-play, stereo album.  Hope to have ’em pressed and in our hands in time for Pueblo!

David Okay Patton


[March 11 2013]  Howdy, folks!  The Boss Lady left her computer on, so I’m sneaking on here to give you the real skinny on all the big happenings at Steel Pennies World Headquarters.  First off, our 2013 World Tour is going swell!  Unfortunately, we had some unforeseen problems that delayed the international segments of our tour… hopefully, now that I’ve been wormed and gotten all my shots, we’re back to booking “any gig, anywhere.”

In other big news, we were in the studio two weeks ago, and recorded all the tracks you can hear on the website now. We call ’em demo recordings… must be short for demolishun, cause we plum tore it up!   So we sit in a big circle, and raised a ruckus.  Poor Kevin Yost at Penny in the Water recording studio had his hands full! We even recorded a song called “One New Road” that the Perfessor claims he wrote all on his own, but honestly, I think he just made it up!

In a moment of irrational exuberance when we finally stopped all the hollering and commotion, Kevin agreed to record us an album, so we’re headed back to the studio in early April.  Please contact us soon to let us know if you’ll be wanting  eight track, cassette, or 78 rpm hi-fidelity vinyl.    The Ol’ Wheel Hoss says, “If’n them songs don’t light your fire, then you’re wood’s all wet!”

And Tater says, “Hi Ya’ll!”

David Okay Patton